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2021 - 2022 has been a busy year amongst a changing complex world ... I am currently working on and project managing several public commissions which are not updated here yet.  I'm away from social media and developing and making work non-stop!  I've been shortlisted for several concept designs, some of which are in full design development or commissioning...

Come late 2022 there will be documentation of my projects including:

Ride With Me - A series of cast bronze animal artworks, for Design Brisbane, Brisbane City  Council, Martha Street Precint, Camp Hill. With Perides Art Projects.

Harmony, a three metre high beautiful entry arbour artwork for the District Recreation Park,  AVID property group, Palmview Queensland.  Fabricatied by The Blacksmiths.

Southport Broadwater Playground - Playground  embellishments including bronze creature artworks and interactive Crab Spheres on behalf of POMO and AECOM and Gold Coast City Council

In addition I have worked on a cast bronze Calf, in collaboration with Perides Art Projects, for the Miles Streetscape Redevelopment (on behalf of POMO)

I've installed a new interactive light sculpture titled Fire In The Heart, in Nambour, as part of the Re-Imagine Nambour project.  A beating Heart fabricated in Aluminium with light sensor technology, working with Mik Black, The Blacksmiths and POMO.

I'm working on a series of new sculptural works for a curated Wunderkammer exhibition in September at Maleny, Queensland.

I have designed a 9 metre high Lighting and Projection Bottle Tree Sculpture with coral design vinyl print which has been fabricated with ALBERT SMITH GROUP and is awaiting installation ...

And I'm conducting numerous ongoing artist residencies and workshops for schools privately as well as on behalf of Flying Arts.

Amongst other things ... I hope to update soon.

My latest Temporary Public Artwork FUTURE NATURE - for Floating Land can be seen here:
Museum OF Our Lost World - 2021 - Brisbane City Botanic Gardens

See amazing footage of my installation by Dave Kan approx 1.30 s into this short film here : You Tube

Botanica - Contemporary Art Outside at the Brisbane City Botanic Gardens is a beautiful public art exhibition thaeatures nine new artworks by some of Australia's leading contempoary artists and designers. It explores the nexus of art and design practice and inspires conversations about our built, natural and digital environments.

The artists are Hiromi Tango, Simone Eisler, Georgie Pinn, Esem Projects, Charlotte Haywood, Jenna Lee, Kellie O'Demosey, Paul Bai and Georgia Hillas.

Not just an art exhibition, it's for all ages and includes a Children's Discovery trail where kids can play hide and seek with micro-projections of Australian fauna as well as live music and food trucks and a pop up bar. Friday nights are family nights with children's discovery trails. The full programme features artists workshops,guided tours, micro-projections, spoken word activities, a poetry slam night, the children's discovery trail and live drawing performance.

Opens Friday 7 May through to Sunday 16 May. City Botanic Gardens from 5-10 pm daily.

Full public programme and description of my installation Museum Of Our Lost World here: https://www.brisbane.qld.gov.au/things-to-see-and-do/whats-on-and-events/botanica-contemporary-art-outsidery-art-outside
I am excited to be featured in New Woman: A Century of Women in Brisbane Art at the Museum of Brisbane. New Woman recognises the lives of Brisbane women artists over the past 100 years from the independent and adventurous to the often overlooked, exploring the trailblazing women who have continued to take the lead in Brisbane art.

The exhibition includes a photograph from my 2010 Night Vision series. Maurice O'Riordan wrote an insightful review for this series in the Debut section of Photofile Magazine titled: Garden of Earthly Shadows